Our Designs

  • 9 Earrings You Need this Summer

    We couldn't be more excited that summer has finally arrived in 93200 Saint-Denis. (Yes, it's mid-July and you're all probably thinking... just now?) Aside from the fun summer activities we get to finally to do - think BBQs, beach days, wineries - one of our favorite things about the warm weather season i...
  • Helping Empower Girls

    Did you know that millions of girls in developing countries are denied their basic human rights, just because they're girls? We're donating 10% of sales to Plan International's Because I am a Girl movement to help empower girls. Girls’ rights are human rights. Be part of the movement to make a real difference in the lives of girls around the world.
  • 5th Anniversary Collection with Tania + 5 Years of Sparkle

    The final piece of our 5th anniversary collection is created olive + piper founder, Tania. As a special treat for reaching the 5 year mark, she's taking us down memory lane to give us a glimpse of some of her favorite memories. olive + piper started in 2012 for 2 reasons: as a challenge to start an online business and as an outlet for to share the accessories Tania loves to wear with other people.